I’m Cushin’ on Molly

Hello Beauties, When it comes to fashion, art and life I pull inspiration from things all around me. This may horror many Fashionistas, but I have never been a Magazine Junkkie. Latest trends don’t inspire me, but people do. I always find inspiration in the people I see and the way I feel. This is why one of my most favorite things to share is Street Style in all forms. As I llke to say there are many ways to skin the fashion cat and […]

Hello Beauties, So, when moving into my new place I was torn between – just moving in, making the place nice and moving in to making the place me. I opted to make it me. I know, I know many despute: “Why invest in decorating a place your just renting”, but as I see it we only have one life so we should make each and every moment/ apartment count.  The joy I feel walking into a place is so worth it. See five things I love […]

Hello Beauties, I hope all in the Tri-State area are surviving this cold, sad, blah weather. Well, to brighten your day I am excited to announce the launch of my vlog series which will be uploaded every Monday.  I am so so nervous, the creatures in my head are giving me the business, but something in my gut is telling me to do the vlog so I am. Last week I posted Vloggers i’m Crushin’ On and one on my list was Gabrielle Bernstein, last week on […]

Hello Beauties, Who doesn’t love to get inspired and let’s face it we don’t always have time to dive into a book. So, i I wanted to share some of my favorite vloggers to watch when in need of a quick kick in the butt.   They  inspire, motivate and most importantly they keep it light while doing it. 1. Marie TV – She is all about creating a business and life you love. She also, wrote “Make Everyman Want You”  this defiantly saved me after a […]

Clean Eating on the Go

Hello Beauties, I hope the holiday season was good to you.  Like many others mine was good, but filled with over everything and now I am trying to get back on my grind.  I have been venturing down the organic/ clean eating road for sometime, not in consistence, but defiantly with hope that one day I will have a clean eating household. I am by no means a chef.  I know my way around a closet much better than a kitchen, but as you clean eaters know […]

Surviving the Winter Blues

Hello Beauties, Wow it has been sometime, my last post was in September and boy has life changed since then – work, new car, new man:).  Although, I am super excited about all of the changes and really thank the universe for all it’s blessing, somehow along the way I stopped doing the things that made me feel good – working out, blogging, using each day as my own personal runway.  Life has been filled with over drinking, over eating, over everything and then I found myself in this […]

Hello Beauties… This weekend  a few great things happened – the newest and cutest addition to our family was added-  Chloe (a pup),  and I found a new hidden gem in my town.  After prying me away from Chloe my sister took me to this new coffee shop in Montclair – Java Love (I know they have these in a few different places).  This place was so cute and had an eclectic earthly feel, that is not found in many mainstream coffee shops.  They do not […]

My 225 Fashion Editorial

Hello Beauties… I am so excited my first editorial styling gig for 225 Magazine is out hot off the press and I wanted to share. Let me just say this dance, dance, dance has been my life since I was four. Now, that I am older I wanted to pursue other interest and styling was one of them. I put this idea out into the universe in March and since then have been rockin’ and rollin’. I say this to say all things are possible […]

Hello Beauties… Blogging is about community, sharing and connecting. I love sharing things that maybe people missed. Some fashion, some tips and some laugh your butt off video. Here are three things that I found on Blogs that I am Crushin’ on. [listly id=”QVX” layout=”magazine” show_header=”true” show_author=”true” show_sharing=”true” show_tools=”true” per_page=”25″] Keep Sharing the Love. Stay beautiful…

Hello Beauties… Relocating and starting a new career is something that has been taping at my soul for sometime. I was putting it on hold for different reasons- “i’ll wait until I get married, I don’t have enough money saved, finding a new job will be so hard”. While these things are worth taking into consideration there is a point when you can’t let considerations hold you back. A few weeks ago I applied for a reach job in Princeton (reach Job = a job […]

Ask and You Shall Receive

Hello Beauties… So, I use to have a problem asking for what I wanted, especially when it came to the men I was dating.  I somehow thought they had psychic ability and knew exactly what I wanted, when I wanted it.  After years of not understanding why I wasn’t getting what I wanted and after reading Catch Him and Keep Him I learned it’s pretty simple: State what you want and need clearly; no riddles.  So, that’s what I have been doing.   I told a fella I […]

Hello Beauties… I had a circa 2007 night last night, getting “dressed up” and  out till 2am. I have not done that since I was 24, but as they say you gotta get out to experience life. We went to the Whythe Hotel in Williamsburg Brooklyn.  It had this cute rooftop bar with the a diverse late 20’s and up kinda crowd.  We hit a few other place, but the Whythe by far was the best. I love rockin’ t-shirts with anything.  I dress them up, […]

Hello Beauties… I am an avid goal Junkkie.  Partly because I can’t sit still and partly because there is so much I want to experience.  I started with a bucket list document that I saved on my computer.  This was great – I wrote down lifelong goals and planned to put them into action.  The only problem – this doc got hidden away in the many folders on my MAC book. So, then I  tried the listing on the phone method, but I am super visual and need to see […]

Hello Beauties… The fall is creeping up and I made it my mission to enjoy these last few days of summer.  So what’s better than the pool, mimosas and laughs.  Great friends are hard to come by, but when you get a special one hold on tight and make time.  Here’s a peek into how I spent my Tuesday afternoon with one of my greatest friends. Enjoy your last few day of summer. Stay Beautiful…  

Hello Beauties… So, I will admit it I have been suffering from bloggers block.  You know what any lack of inspiration is like – pulling teeth, staring in the unknown, asking the heavens to drop an ounce of motivation into your body.  Well, this lack of inspiration resulted in me entering “The No Fun Zone”.  Oh, you know that place when something fun suddenly feels like work and those stupid self doubt talkers, the one’s that live in your head start whispering grueling words of  “you can’t, you […]

Hello Beauties… So last year when I went to Jamaica I got a parasite in my tummy and after spending half of my DR vaca in bed this year for the same reason I decided something had to change – my eating habits.  Since my return in July I decide to go organic and not eat any genetically modified organisms.  When I first started I was like a fish out of water and still am, but the Food Babe has really helped me along the way.  Her […]

Enjoy the Little People

Hello Beauties… I hope you had an amazing weekend.  I spent my weekend hangin’ with one of my favorite girls.   Life gets super busy, but I try to remember to take a time out and enjoy the people I love the most.   My niece Tiara and I have once a month dates – ranging from a mani and pedi to lunch and shopping.  Funny enough it is on these dates that I sometimes get my biggest lessons.

Hello Beauties… One thing I love about blogging and life is getting to share little pieces of myself with the world.  I believe that you should be transparent whenever the circumstance allows for it, in life and in what you wear.   Always doing it in taste and in your well being.

My Summer Do

Hello Beauties… I have been meaning to share my summer cut and color with you. I can honestly say despite my inability to sit still I love going to get my hair done.   I have been getting my hair done by the same stylist on and off since I was 15 and I have known many women that work and go there for years.   Hair Sanctuary an awesome salon that specializes in natural hair. Two years ago my stylist Nikki convinced me to go all natural […]

Hello Beauties… Staying sane when life gets busy is the hard part.  I am soooo happy that I have gotten to travel, but since life has picked up I had to figure out how to keep my “zen” in the midst of all this movement.  Here are a few of my tricks I wanted to share.

Two Pieces Three Looks

Hello Beauties. This is the end of my Sofistafunk series where I introduced you to this one of a kind skirt company.  See below to see all three looks and to learn more about Arlinda and her journey. Arlanda began her journey by turning her moms curtains into skirts.  She continued this journey by making pieces for people in her community to help support her family.

Hello Beauties… Work and relationships and blog ohhhh myyyy.  I have been cray cray with my latest styling gig (post coming soon), but I wanted to make sure I finished my Sophistafunk series.  I have worn this piece two ways so far (see – Dresses and Skirts and Shirts Oh My  and  I’ve Been Sofistafunktified .).This skirt company gives you pieces to rock in so many different ways.  Can I hear girl on a budget’s friend.  See below for my LWS look.

Hello Beauties… Yup your eyes aren’t fooling you in yesterday’s post I wore this green piece as the top part of a dress (see post I’ve Been Sofistafunktified ).  Today I am sportin’ it as a top.  See full look below and stay stunned this week to learn more about Sophistafunk and their pieces.

Hello Beauties… The ladies at this awesome brand gave me some chic multi purpose pieces to sport on my family vaca.  Is it a dress, a skirt, a shirt?  See below for full look and stay turned  this week to learn more about how Sophistafunk helps a gal maximize her wardrobe.

Hello Beauties… I use to be that girl.  Yup – I was an undercover hater and hardcore.  It was not noticeable to the naked eye, but it’s toxins worked it’s magic on me.  Polluting my thoughts and in the end made me (ugh I hate this word) bitter.   Now, in my older and wiser state I have retired my hater cap. I know that hating on anything gets you nowhere and is bad for your skin and soul.  This is why I started the “What i’m Crushin’ on” […]

Hello Beauties… One of my favorite things about being a lifestyle blogger is actually catching real people living life and living it in style.  I may get shunned from the fashion community for this lol, but I am not a magazine reader.  I get most of my life and fashion inspiration from people I see and meet on a daily basis.  Over the next three days I will be sharing some great inspiration I got while on my vaca in DR. I love me some short […]

Hello Beauites… EDP I like to define as Erin Diamon Pride (me), but also as my ex boyfriend joked EDP can be defined as an Emotional Disturbed Person (in the medical and law enforcement world).  I think we all have a little bit of both in ourselves.  Our “normal” or “acceptable” selves and the other side of that is at times – uncertain, uncomfortable and irrational.

Hello Beauties, So I am still in DR and it is Mexican night for dinner.  My sister Daunie dressed in her adaptation of Mexican attire and I turned my Victoria Secret/On Sale $39.50 beach cover up into a party dress.   This is not the first time I have made this beach cover up a multi event piece.  I have worn it on dinner dates to weddings and always to the beach. Bag/ DSW $34.95 and Bracelet/ One Savvy Design $35.00 (Sorry One of a kind piece, […]

Ella Got it Right

Hello Beauties… My life has an ongoing playlist in my head and today I am living to Blue Skies – Ella Fitzgerald Blue skies Smiling at me Nothing but blue skies Do I see

Living a Bright Life

Hello Beautes, I am on my annual family vac a in DR and days my consist of putting on a bikini, drinking mimosas, laying by the pool and drinking some more.  I did manage to squeeze in some yoga (yogaglo- yoga to go) this am to detox from  last nights over indulgence.  So I am lovin’ bright colors right now and I wanted to share my most favorite bright orange bikini.    I am also loving the price. Both pieces Victoria Secret – Top/ $11.99 […]

Hello Beauties, If you could tell your 17 year old self anything what would it be? I would have told my 17 year old self- Enjoy this,  the real work comes later… One of my favorite parts of styling is personal styling – being apart of special moment and meeting new people. Here is a sneak peak into my Personal Styling gig for a group of girls who called themselves the Yaya Sister… This was their graduation photo shoot.  

Hello Beauties… Girls night out is a well forgotten past time.  Life’s daily tasks get the best of most of us and when the weekend comes we are zombiefied.   So, this past Sunday I said screw that and went with a few of my girls on a booze cruz around NYC.

Hey Beauties, I have much to share since I’ve been gone.  As you know I am a stylist and I love pulling from local boutiques and designers.  The How:  I talk to people and get to know them.  I have a real interest in meeting amazing people and sharing what they do.  I think if you approach life with a real interest in who people are rather than what they can offer you amazing things organically happen.  On one of my daily explorations I found this […]

Hey Beauties, One of my favorite things about bloggin is catching everyday people working it.   I am a stalker lol and if I see someone who’s look, energy or style draws my attention I snap away.   In most cases people love it and I get to meet some awesome people from around the world.  

Happy Monday Beauties, This weekend I had a casual date, but was feeling like a blow fish.  So, instead of staying home and wallowing in my self pitty  I reverted to my bloat remedy.

Hell Beauties, As I am diving deeper into my 30’s skin care has become a top priority of mine. Especially being conscious of the kind of products I use. In a fiscally perfect world I would use all natural products, but a girl is on a budget, so I have to pick and choose. I was told about this awesome affordable all natural skin care company – Dolly Moo. I reached out to them and asked if I could try and review some of their products. […]

Prom Makeup 101

Hey Beauties, I feel like it’s been raining prom makeup gigs:).  Ok I have had two clients, but going from 0 to 2 in the matter of a month makes me really excited. So, I wanted to share some great places to purchase makeup and a few tips.

Hey Beauties, Being single in your 30’s is no easy task, but don’t fret you are not alone.  There are more single gals in there 30’s than you may realize.  And no we are not suffering from the “single” plague.   You can enjoy this time until you meet your match.   I have created 4 tips that can help us single gals in our 30’s not only survive, but enjoy the hell outta it. Tip 1: Date Your Besties  Life can turn into such a routine.  Most […]

Hello Beauties, This has been an eventful weekend.    I really believe the universe delivers what you should have and need when you should have it.  Although, this is hard to believe at times we must keep the faith.  I have  had occasional thoughts of styling since I can remember, but after my 5 year relationship ended I decided what the hell and I went for it.   Nothing like a break up to give a swift kick in the ass.  8 months later I am […]

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